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Colombian cocaine ring leader to be tried in Miami federal court

Published On: 10-25-2016 in Category: addiction, Cocaine, Drugs, Substance abuse


What emerged in the early seventies as a small contraband business is now a mammoth-size global cocaine empire in Colombia. Recently, law enforcement officials seized a Colombia-based drug trafficking ring, in July this year, charged with trafficking cocaine from the Colombian Caribbean coast to Central America via speed boats. The trafficked drug was then consigned to the U.S. markets.

Among the eight defendants accused with trafficking charges, the police arrested Luis Carlos Bustamante Jaramillo, 40, in Colombia and deported him to Miami for trial. While the eight accused are being extradited to Miami at different dates, Jaramillo’s trial has been scheduled for later this year. As per the list of pending cases, it seems that no lawyer has been assigned to him, so far.

Colombian cocaine cartels    

Some of the world’s deadliest narcotic trafficking organizations operate an extensive network in Colombia. Most traffickers, today, have sufficient money to invest in state-of-art contraband equipment to secretly ship huge quantities of cocaine to the U.S. As a part of their modus operandi, cocaine cartels generally ship large consignments from Colombia to Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala or other transit points in Mexico, from where they make their way into the United States.

According to a 2013 news report, a kilo of cocaine reaching Central America is speculated to be worth $10,000, and reaches nearly $12,000 to $15,000 at the U.S. border, and ever more once it is inside the U.S. territory. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Colombian National police have reported more than 300 active transborder drug smuggling entities in Colombia, which are involved in this multimillion dollar business.

Cocaine menace in Florida

The state of Florida is considered a major entry point for Cocaine into the United States. Cocaine is mostly shown as a drug solely taken by the affluent sections of society; however, studies have revealed that cocaine use is the highest among Americans aged 18-25 years, across all classes and ethnicities. Apart from alcohol, cocaine is the most common drug which causes the maximum number of emergency room visits nationwide.

In addition to causing devastating effects on the physical health, coke addiction has a heavy toll on an individual’s mental health as well. It can inflict irreparable life-long damage to several vital organs and impair important body functions.

Leading a drug-free life

Individuals fall prey to addiction more quickly than they might ever realize. The only way to break free from the clutches of cocaine is to undergo a specialized detoxification and rehab program to combat the life-wrecking effects of the drug.

If you or your loved one is addicted to cocaine or any other drugs, seek treatment immediately. The Miami Drug Treatment Rehab Center can help you get the best addiction treatment programs and embrace sobriety. You may call at our 24/7 helpline number 305-615-2028 or chat online for more information on different treatment options in your vicinity.

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