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Miami-Dade police arrests 3 suspects in major drug bust

Published On: 07-27-2017 in Category: addiction, Crack cocaine, Drugs, weed

In a colossal drug bust, officers of the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) on July 13, 2017, arrested three individuals on charges of possession of and intent to sell more than 43 grams of crack cocaine and 1,500 grams of weed. The suspects were identified as 31-year-old Clyde Larry Mills, 24-year-old Danielle Bostick and 25-year-old Marquis Mill, media reports said.

Additionally, investigating officers serving a search warrant at a residence on Northwest 71 Street confiscated about 40 Xanax pills, multiple weapons and more than $4,500 in cash. Officers also discovered an MDMA pill, a digital scale and several bags of marijuana hidden in different places in the house. As many as 57 packages of the drug were found stashed in a secret bag in a room and more bags of weed were found in shoeboxes in one of the closets in a bedroom.

Drug menace in Miami-Dade

Drug abuse has reached alarming proportions in Miami-Dade County and in the adjacent Broward and Monroe counties. As per June 2015 annual report on drug abuse trend in Miami‐Dade County, 2013 and 2014 witnessed a sharp spike in the number of overdose fatalities involving heroin and prescription opioids across communities. Authorities across the state of Florida attribute the growing surge in drug addiction to the statewide crack down of so-called “pill mills” in 2010 following the passage of a new law to curb the unrestrained manufacture and misuse of prescription opioids and benzodiazepines.

However, such a sudden clampdown left those already struggling with addiction in the lurch. Therefore, with a ready supply of pills to feed their addiction, they were compelled to take to street heroin, which was the only alternative to the high produced by the opioids. In a bid to keep up with the rising demand for heroin, Mexican drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) began pushing in cheaper heroin. It led to 187,942 deaths in Florida during 2014 with heroin being the cause of over 91 percent of the deaths.

Moreover, due to similar euphoria-inducing properties and chemical structures of opioids and heroin, street drug dealers have played a major role in advancing the drug crisis in the state. In economic terms, prescription pills may cost about $1/milligram to uninsured users, i.e., $60 for a single 60-milligram pill, whereas a similar amount of heroin would be much cheaper and readily available at one-eighth of the cost.

In addition to heroin, studies suggest the abuse of benzodiazepines is a great public health threat in Southern Florida with alprazolam, nordiazepam and Valium responsible for the majority of overdose deaths. Methamphetamine, crack cocaine and synthetic drugs have also contributed to a  great extent to the ongoing drug crisis in Southern Florida.

Battling addiction menace

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