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Multimillion-dollar drug bust in Miami gym

Published On: 03-23-2017 in Category: addiction, Crack cocaine, Drug trafficking

In a major drug bust that shook Miami’s fitness community, several employees of a local gym were arrested on charges of involvement in a multi-million dollar steroid ring. While the gym was being raided by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), officers also managed to arrest the owner of the gym from the Miami International Airport, who was on his way to Los Angeles.

Investigating officers have alleged that Richard Rodriguez, the owner of Iron Addicts Gym, was illegally operating a steroid ring worth over $1 million on the gym premises. Officers said that the gym managers used a wellness website to promote their illegal steroid operations. Further investigations have shown that out of the drug proceeds, about $350,000 was siphoned to China to buy steroid powder. The bust was conducted on Feb. 22, 2017.

Meanwhile, the professional bodybuilder C.T. Fletcher’s photo on the gym’s logo has raised a lot of questions about his involvement in any illegal activity. However, Fletcher has denied the allegation in a YouTube video and said that he regretted associating his name with the gym.

The recent incident has sent shock waves among unsuspecting gym-goers. “This gym was well-known in Miami,” said one of them. “I have just shifted from South Beach, and seemed the best to me in the neighborhood. I need to look for an alternative now,” he said.

Legal loopholes give rise to steroid clinics in South Florida

Loopholes in the legal system have encouraged the growth of anti-aging clinics, rejuvenation centers, health clubs and gymnasiums across South Florida, making the region one of the top markets in the nation for illegal steroids and growth hormones. Though many clinics in the region are being investigated, some others continue to stay beyond the reach of state health regulators.

Following the same loopholes in the legal system, which made South Florida one of the hotspots of illicit prescription opioids, these centers have made the region a hub for illegal steroids and growth hormones. Now, steroids are administered not just to athletes and bodybuilders, but also to aging men who aspire to improve their virility. These illegal centers are generally advertised as spas or wellness centers on social media and are owned by people who are not doctors. These people usually tend to avoid the scrutiny of regulators and hire general physicians who work for them.

Studies show that “anti-aging” has also become something of a code word for steroids and growth hormones, especially among bodybuilders and pro athletes. In the guise of anti-aging or rejuvenation centers, such places actually sell steroids or human growth hormone to unsuspecting buyers or people addicted to the drugs. They even arrange for prescriptions from suspended doctors to buy these illegal substances.

Steroids are harmful, addictive substances

Studies show that individuals who abuse steroids may become addicted to the drugs. This is, in fact, manifested in their relentless abuse of or dependence on drugs despite the detrimental effects and physical problems. Moreover, steroid abusers are known to indulge in large sums of money to obtain the drugs, which speaks volumes about the addictive nature of steroids.

People who abuse steroids may experience withdrawal symptoms when they quit using steroids, such as mood disorders, restlessness, loss of appetite, inability to sleep and impaired libido. The most critical of the withdrawal symptoms is chronic depression as it could result in suicidal feelings.

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