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  • Miami rapper arrested for possession of weed and gun

    Published On: 03-09-2017 in Category: Drug Addiction, Drugs, Marijuana

    Florida has recently witnessed a dramatic increase in incidents of narcotics trafficking across the state, with many smugglers being allegedly involved in crimes related to possession and distribution of drugs, such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine or prescription medications. The state has, for a long, been considered a hub of international drug trafficking and money laundering […]

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  • Overtown neighborhood turns into a heroin-overdose hotspot

    Published On: 01-27-2017 in Category: Drug Addiction, Heroin, Narcan, Overdose

    Overdosing on heroin is destroying lives across the United States including Florida. However, the drug is not just limited to the shanty low-income neighborhoods, it has, in fact, crossed all boundaries, reaching the suburbs and the affluent areas. Recently, a homeless Hispanic woman was found fatally overdosed on heroin in Miami’s Northwest 17th Street. The […]

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  • Silent killer drug “heroin” wreaks havoc in Miami

    Published On: 12-21-2016 in Category: Heroin, Narcan, opioid abuse, Overdose, Substance abuse

    “I want to live, I don’t want to die,” screamed 28-year-old Janice Albright, who had overdosed on heroin for the second time. “It’s weird. It’s ridiculous. Everyone is falling down like flies,” said Albright while she was on the verge of passing out. On any given day, the streets of Miami are full of paramedics […]

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  • Miami police found baby and two overdosed adults in car

    Published On: 11-21-2016 in Category: addiction, Drugs, Heroin, Substance abuse

    Addiction to heroin is rampant in the United States, particularly, in the state of Florida, where it is easily available. With heroin use in Florida reaching an all-time high, there has been a steady rise in the number of heroin overdose deaths in the state. Recently, Miami police found a 2-month old baby, whose mother […]

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  • Colombian cocaine ring leader to be tried in Miami federal court

    Published On: 10-25-2016 in Category: addiction, Cocaine, Drugs, Substance abuse

    What emerged in the early seventies as a small contraband business is now a mammoth-size global cocaine empire in Colombia. Recently, law enforcement officials seized a Colombia-based drug trafficking ring, in July this year, charged with trafficking cocaine from the Colombian Caribbean coast to Central America via speed boats. The trafficked drug was then consigned […]

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  • Face-off between 2 veteran Miami wrestlers – one drug kingpin, another DEA agent

    Published On: 09-23-2016 in Category: Cocaine, Drugs

    Miami has reemerged as a cocaine trafficking hub in the recent months with a dramatic rise in the drug’s seizure and arrests related to it. The city has regained its notoriety as the center for cocaine trafficking, probably due to its peninsular geography. During the cocaine cowboy era in the 1970s, when Miami was turning […]

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  • Drug trafficking: $24M recovered from Miami house, 2 siblings arrested

    Published On: 07-11-2016 in Category: Marijuana

    The Miami-Dade police arrested a brother-sister duo and seized $24 million recently following a raid at their house. The police suspected that the arrested, Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez (44) and Salma Hernandez (32), earned the cash by trafficking marijuana. Believed to be the largest money seizure by the Miami police, the cash was stashed in orange buckets […]

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  • 2,000 pound cocaine seized from ship docked at Miami River

    Published On: 06-08-2016 in Category: Cocaine

    The U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized 2,000 pounds of cocaine worth around $27 million. The seizure was the result of a routine search on a cargo ship, Lisanne, which had reportedly arrived from Haiti and was docked at Miami River. The cocaine was stashed in secret compartments fused into the decking plate of […]

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  • Drug ring run from prison busted in Miami, 16 arrested

    Published On: 05-26-2016 in Category: methamphetamine

    With the arrest of 16 people, a major drug ring, allegedly run by an inmate of the Oklahoma State Prison in McAlester, was busted in Miami. The police said Slint Tate, 33, was running the Miami-based drug ring from the jail and the organization was peddling at least 5 pounds of methamphetamine per week across […]

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  • Medicaid expansion can treat more addicts, mental patients in Florida

    Published On: 04-13-2016 in Category: addiction, mental health, Substance abuse

    Around 726,000 uninsured Floridians had substance abuse and mental health problems in 2014, according to the federal health department. Experts say that the fate of nearly half of them could have been better had the state emphasized more on the need for Medicaid and made plans for its expansion. One of the highest uninsured populations […]

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