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Miami reemerging as cocaine trafficking hub; cache of arms, drugs seized, 55 held

Published On: 02-19-2016 in Category: Cocaine, Drugs, Heroin, Substance abuse

Miami reemerging as cocaine trafficking hub

Its proximity to Mexico, Caribbean nations and Colombia has always made Florida an attractive destination for drug smugglers and peddlers. No wonder, Miami has earned the notoriety of being the hub of illegal drug trade. The off and on drug busts only highlight the fact. Most recently, the federal investigators had a major success with the arrest of 55 people in connection with crack-cocaine and heroin trafficking networks, mostly from Miami, in January 2016.

A miamiherald.com report says that nearly 40 of the 55 suspects were arrested on January 28 or around it. Citing the U.S. attorney’s office, the report said that the defendants were accused in four indictments and one criminal complaint of participating in a vast network of narcotics trafficking conspiracies and illegal arms deal. Seventeen more are still on the run. The authorities seized about 10 kg powdered cocaine, 9 kg Mexican heroin and 500 gm crack-cocaine along with 50 firearms and almost 500 rounds of ammunition.

Miami has seen a rise in drug crimes that also contribute to violent shootings. A number of Miami-based drug cartels control drug trafficking in multiple U.S. cities. Heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and other drugs that they supply continue to wreak havoc on our communities. According to reports, Miami has lately become one of the major illegal drug transit points in the world. Despite efforts by the government to combat drug trafficking and strengthening laws, the drug menace is yet to be controlled.

The investigation that led to drug bust

One small operation led to the revelation of the entire network that focused on Liberty City. The operation involved agencies including the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Miami Gardens Police Department and the Miami-Dade Police Department.

The authorities announced five busts following the multi-agency operation. In one of the cases, 20 people were charged with running a heroin trafficking racket with Miami as the base. The investigators used various tools like wiretaps, surveillance, search warrants and undercover operations to bust these extensive distribution networks. The largest one was revealed in Liberty City.

“Grenades, explosives and ammunition that could unfortunately actually pierce a bullet proof vest. And tragically, and unfortunately, that ammunition is known as cop killer bullets,” U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer said.

During the investigation, the agents unearthed networks and got a number of leads related to various drug trafficking organizations and enterprises. These drug networks are so extensive that it may take some more time and different strategy to control the situation.

America’s drug concerns

The neighborhoods in Miami are under threat due to such massive drug supplies. Miami residents need to understand that exposing their children and teens to drugs can add to the problem of addiction. The recent drug seizures and indictments indicate that Miami is back on the drug trafficking map, particularly as a cocaine hub. Immediate measures are needed before the situation goes out of control.

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