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Overtown neighborhood turns into a heroin-overdose hotspot

Published On: 01-27-2017 in Category: Drug Addiction, Heroin, Narcan, Overdose

Overdosing on heroin is destroying lives across the United States including Florida. However, the drug is not just limited to the shanty low-income neighborhoods, it has, in fact, crossed all boundaries, reaching the suburbs and the affluent areas.

Recently, a homeless Hispanic woman was found fatally overdosed on heroin in Miami’s Northwest 17th Street. The victim Mary, 43, stumbled and fell flat on the sidewalk as paramedics from the Miami Fire Department rushed to the scene to administer the life-saving overdose-reversal drug “Narcan.”

The sad part is that such scenes are becoming increasingly common in almost every nook and corner of Overtown, which is fast turning into a heroin-overdose hotspot. According to the latest statistics, the Miami Fire-Rescue stations in the Overtown neighborhood administered Narcan injections almost 1,700 times, during the first nine months of 2016. There has been almost a twofold increase in such incidents, as compared to the previous year.

Most of the overdose victims in these parts of Miami are from white American or Hispanic backgrounds, rather than the black community, which is predominant in Overtown. People addicted to heroin are attracted to Overtown and the surrounding areas by the cheap packets of white powder nicknamed as “boys,” which is available for a mere $10.

Cheap prices causing spike in heroin use

Experts attribute the spike in overdose cases to the national and state-level crackdown on pill manufacturing mills, which has made it even tougher to procure prescription opioids, such as OxyContin, Vicodin, Fentanyl and other off-the-counter painkillers, without producing a valid medical prescription.

Therefore, drug dealers are increasingly taking advantage of the identical chemical structure and euphoria-inducing properties of heroin to smuggle the drug into the state. Moreover, prescription opioids can cost nearly $1/milligram to uninsured users, i.e., $60 for a single 60-milligram pill, as compared to an equivalent amount of heroin, which costs much less and can be easily obtained at about $10 per bag.

“Heroin users have a history of nonmedical use of prescription opioid pain relievers,” and “Americans using heroin are likely to be using other drugs,” observes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Combating the menace of addiction

Alarmingly, cases of heroin overdose are increasing rapidly across states in the U.S. Heroin has a powerful effect on the pleasure circuitry of the brain, causing it to want more and more of the drug. Moreover, the effects of withdrawal from heroin can be severe.

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