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  • Miami-Dade police arrests 3 suspects in major drug bust

    By: dtrcblog-admin On: 07-27-2017 Category: addiction, Crack cocaine, Drugs, weed Comment: 0

    In a colossal drug bust, officers of the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) on July 13, 2017, arrested three individuals on charges of possession of and intent to sell more than 43 grams of crack cocaine and 1,500 grams of weed. The suspects were identified as 31-year-old Clyde Larry Mills, 24-year-old Danielle Bostick and 25-year-old Marquis […]

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  • Miami rapper arrested for possession of weed and gun

    By: dtrcblog-admin On: 03-09-2017 Category: Drug Addiction, Drugs, Marijuana Comment: 0

    Florida has recently witnessed a dramatic increase in incidents of narcotics trafficking across the state, with many smugglers being allegedly involved in crimes related to possession and distribution of drugs, such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine or prescription medications. The state has, for a long, been considered a hub of international drug trafficking and money laundering […]

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  • Miami police found baby and two overdosed adults in car

    By: dtrcblog-admin On: 11-21-2016 Category: addiction, Drugs, Heroin, Substance abuse Comment: 0

    Addiction to heroin is rampant in the United States, particularly, in the state of Florida, where it is easily available. With heroin use in Florida reaching an all-time high, there has been a steady rise in the number of heroin overdose deaths in the state. Recently, Miami police found a 2-month old baby, whose mother […]

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  • Colombian cocaine ring leader to be tried in Miami federal court

    By: dtrcblog-admin On: 10-25-2016 Category: addiction, Cocaine, Drugs, Substance abuse Comment: 0

    What emerged in the early seventies as a small contraband business is now a mammoth-size global cocaine empire in Colombia. Recently, law enforcement officials seized a Colombia-based drug trafficking ring, in July this year, charged with trafficking cocaine from the Colombian Caribbean coast to Central America via speed boats. The trafficked drug was then consigned […]

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  • Face-off between 2 veteran Miami wrestlers – one drug kingpin, another DEA agent

    By: dtrcblog-admin On: 09-23-2016 Category: Cocaine, Drugs Comment: 0

    Miami has reemerged as a cocaine trafficking hub in the recent months with a dramatic rise in the drug’s seizure and arrests related to it. The city has regained its notoriety as the center for cocaine trafficking, probably due to its peninsular geography. During the cocaine cowboy era in the 1970s, when Miami was turning […]

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  • Miami reemerging as cocaine trafficking hub; cache of arms, drugs seized, 55 held

    By: dtrcblog-admin On: 02-19-2016 Category: Cocaine, Drugs, Heroin, Substance abuse Comment: 0

    Its proximity to Mexico, Caribbean nations and Colombia has always made Florida an attractive destination for drug smugglers and peddlers. No wonder, Miami has earned the notoriety of being the hub of illegal drug trade. The off and on drug busts only highlight the fact. Most recently, the federal investigators had a major success with […]

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