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  • Father, son arrested for running illegal drug, marijuana business

    By: Admin On: 05-11-2018 Category: Cocaine, Marijuana Comment: 0

    Father, son arrested for running illegal drug, marijuana business

    Deputies from the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) recently arrested a father-son duo for operating an illegal drug business from their home in Dania Beach, a few miles from the city of Miami. Richard Garabedian, 74, and his son Brad, 36, were arrested after the BSO officers conducted a raid on their home and found a […]

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  • Former Miami Dolphins player Ricky Williams launches marijuana brand

    By: Admin On: 04-09-2018 Category: Marijuana Comment: 0

    Former Miami Dolphins player Ricky Williams launches marijuana brand

    Former Miami Dolphins player Ricky Williams has launched his own cannabis brand in California, turning his passion for healing and plant-based medicines into a business. Named as Real Wellness, the brand comprises six products launched in the market as vape cartridges, salves and tonics containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) or a combination of both. […]

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  • Miami judge allows medical marijuana for convict with schizophrenia

    By: Admin On: 12-11-2017 Category: Marijuana Comment: 0

    Miami judge allows medical marijuana for convict with schizophrenia

    Despite serious objections raised by prosecutors, a Miami judge recently permitted a murder convict to use medical cannabis to keep his longtime schizophrenia under control, after he was authorized to participate in Florida’s fledgling medical marijuana program. On probation for his involvement in a 1999 gang murder, Miguel Valdes regularly used multiple medicines to cope […]

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  • Florida witnesses steep surge in aspiring medical marijuana card holders

    By: Admin On: 09-01-2017 Category: addiction, Drug Addiction, Marijuana Comment: 0

    Authorities in Florida are unable to keep pace with the growing numbers of new patients aspiring to seek access to medical marijuana. In fact, the passage of a new law expanding the list of diseases that qualify for cannabis-aided treatment has led to thousands of new applicants. Since June 7, 2017, Florida has witnessed an […]

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  • Police arrest Miami man for hosting illegal pot party, seize 50 pounds of marijuana

    By: Admin On: 05-29-2017 Category: addiction, addiction treatment, Marijuana, Substance abuse Comment: 0

    A 32-year-old resident of Miami was arrested on May 21, 2017, for organizing an unlawful marijuana event at an industrial warehouse called the Barrio Workshop at 520 W. Flagler Street. Police have also seized more than 50 pounds of marijuana stored in jars in the form of cookies, candies and several other chewable edibles. It […]

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  • Three new medical cannabis dispensaries to open in Miami Beach

    By: Admin On: 05-04-2017 Category: addiction, Drug Addiction, Marijuana Comment: 0

    City planners have proposed to allow opening of three medical cannabis dispensaries in Miami Beach. With the new proposal planning to issue only three business licenses, the Miami Beach administration is expecting some tough competition among distributors of medical marijuana in the region. Officials have suggested three commercial areas in the South, Middle and North […]

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  • Miami rapper arrested for possession of weed and gun

    By: Admin On: 03-09-2017 Category: Drug Addiction, Drugs, Marijuana Comment: 0

    Florida has recently witnessed a dramatic increase in incidents of narcotics trafficking across the state, with many smugglers being allegedly involved in crimes related to possession and distribution of drugs, such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine or prescription medications. The state has, for a long, been considered a hub of international drug trafficking and money laundering […]

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  • Drug trafficking: $24M recovered from Miami house, 2 siblings arrested

    By: Admin On: 07-11-2016 Category: Marijuana Comment: 0

    The Miami-Dade police arrested a brother-sister duo and seized $24 million recently following a raid at their house. The police suspected that the arrested, Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez (44) and Salma Hernandez (32), earned the cash by trafficking marijuana. Believed to be the largest money seizure by the Miami police, the cash was stashed in orange buckets […]

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